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Privacy Policy

Personal data is a form of information which concerns an identified, or identifiable, person. Information which could indirectly lead to a person being identified therefore constitutes personal data.

Collection of personal data
The personal data that we use comprises contact details and may also include health information concerning food allergies, etc. provided in connection with the booking of charter trips and/or conferences.

When we process personal data, we always have a purpose and one or more legal grounds on which the processing is based. The most common legal grounds we use are:

  • Agreement – when the fulfilment of our contractual obligations requires us to process personal data.
  • Law – when the law requires us to process personal data.
  • Balance of interests – when we have concluded that we have a legitimate interest in processing personal data based on a balance of interests.
  • Consent – when the person concerned gives their consent to the processing of their personal data.

Storage of personal data
We use personal data to provide the products and services that we offer in order to:

  • Fulfil our obligations under established agreements.
  • Comply with applicable law and practice.
  • Perform tasks in order to fulfil the purpose for which the personal data was collected
  • Marketing

As a general rule, this means that information which does not lawfully or contractually require further storage will be erased within a reasonable period of time after it has been used for its intended purpose.

If there is a legitimate interest in saving the data, a balance of interests is struck, which includes an assessment of whether the information can be anonymised.

Sharing of personal data
Your privacy is important to us. We implement suitable technical and organisational security measures to limit the risk of erroneous processing of personal data and ensure that only authorised personnel bound by secrecy have access to identifiable personal data. 

The information may be disclosed to public authorities in accordance with the law, to collaboration partners and subcontractors which provide services to Gunnars Båtturer, or to our clients to enable Gunnars Båtturer to fulfil its obligations.

Invoicing and bookkeeping
Personal data such as contact people and e-mail addresses is also processed in conjunction with invoicing and bookkeeping. By law, bookkeeping information must be retained for at least seven years. After a contractual relationship has ended, personal data which is not covered by the Swedish Bookkeeping Act will be erased from the accounting system. Other information will be retained for seven years. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is: Agreement and Law.

Other matters
Personal data that is sent to us in connection with enquiries and general communication, such as requests for quotes, questions regarding delivery, customer surveys, etc. will normally be processed in accordance with the general rule, which means that information which does not need to be stored for any longer by law or contractual agreement will be erased within a reasonable period of time after it has been used for its intended purpose. The legal ground for the processing of personal data is Consent and Law.

This Privacy Policy applies to Gunnars Båtturer AB, including the Dyrön Södra conference business.

Contact details
The controller is Gunnars Båtturer AB, Fiskeviksvägen 4, 471 43 Dyrön. If you have any questions concerning our processing of personal data, you can write to us at

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